MiniProfiler for SharpSapRfc: A new NuGet Package

July 15, 2015 • 2 minutes read • sap, miniprofiler, performance, .net

It has been a long time since I first heard about MiniProfiler, but I never had the opportunity to use and study it. Recently — because of some tunning tasks I had to do — I started to use it and I enjoyed so much that I’ve decide to share my experience here.

It’s all about a tiny package, easy to install and configure, that brings to the eyes of the programmer some really useful information regarding response time of each HTTP Request. It was created by Stack Overflow team and it is used by them in production. Who needs a better success case than this, right?

With MiniProfiler it is possible to know how much time was taken in each step of the pipeline, from the beginning until the end of the request. Leave it enabled in your development environment and for every HTTP request you’ll see in the top left side of your page a small box with timing information about all requests.

Example of profiling with MiniProfiler

It is necessary to add a call to MiniProfiler on each peace of code that you may want to record the execution time. There are a few packages in NuGet that automatically register some profiling steps without having to code so much.

One of these package is MiniProfiler.MVC4 that records the execution time for all controllers calls and views rendering. Amazing, isn’t it?

Web applications normally does heavy use of external resources like SQL Databases, NoSQL Databases, WebServices and such. Bad usage of these resources are usually guilty for major application slowness and it is really hard to troubleshoot and track down things like this by the eye. There are also MiniProfiler packages for most of these resources like SQL (any database provider), Entity Framework, MongoDB, Raven and, more recently, …


Remote calls to SAP functions may be slow as well, especially when dealing with standard functions (known as BAPI). Using a profiler helps troubleshooting a slow HTTP request that makes many SAP calls.

For this matter I’ve created the a plug-in named MiniProfiler.SharpSapRfc. With this package it is possible to record all Remote Functions Call made with SharpSapRfc. The source code is available at goenning/MiniProfiler.SharpSapRfc and current binary is published at NuGet.

Instructions for install and how to use are available at project’s repository.

These are some demo images I’ve collected while developing it. It is possible to know how much time it spent waiting for RFC to finish and the exact parameters used for the call.

The profiler works for both SharpSapRfc.Soap and SharpSapRfc.Plain (x64/x86).


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